Football Union of Russia

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20:00, 07 March 2018

FUR congratulates women

On Wednesday, March 7, on the eve of the International Women's Day, the Committee of Football Veterans of the FUR congratulated the wives and widows of famous domestic football players.

The meeting took place in the cafe "Maria" in Moscow. It was attended by: Valentina Yashina, Elena Bobrova, Lyubov Khusainova, Olga Ivakina, Olga Maslachenko, Lyudmila Prokhorova, Lyudmila Sorokina, Galina Sevidova, Elena Polevaya and Galina Krutikova. Famous veterans of our football: FUR first Vice-president Nikita Simonyan, and Nikolai Osyanin, Vladimir Pilgui, Valery Urin, Valery Reingold, Valentin Afonin, Vladimir Ponomarev, Vladimir Petrov, Eduard Markarov, Viktor Papaev, Vyacheslav Varyushin congratulated the women on March 8.

The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere, with jokes and songs. And the Chairman of the Committee, Alexander Mirzoyan, on behalf of Football Union of Russia, presented flowers and gifts to all the women.