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21:00, 08 July 2018

25 000 fans came to meet the Russian team

On Sunday, July 8, in the fan zone of the FIFA World Cup 2018 on Vorobievy Gory in Moscow, the Russian national team met the fans.

Already three hours before the start of the event, people began to line up at the entrances to the fan zone to get as close as possible to the scene on which the meeting took place. It is pleasant to note that among the fans there were not only Russians, but also fans of foreign teams who participated in the World Cup and admitted that they also supported our team and noted how cool it showed itself on this planetary football forum.

And then, closer to 16:00 Moscow time, the moment has come - the bus of the Russian national team has arrived. That morning our team came back from Sochi, and in the afternoon hurried to their fans to greet them and thank for such incredible support. Being on the stage, the national team players, dressed in T-shirts saying "We play for you", were accompanied by a deafening ovation. "Well done!", "Russia! Russia!" now and then came from the crowd.

A well-known sports journalist Nobel Arustamyan, who was the host of the meeting, first of all gave the floor to the head coach of the National team Stanislav Cherchesov, whose contribution to the overall success can not be overestimated.

"Now we are full of emotions, we are glad to see all of you. We were together. You were not the 12-th but the 13-th, the 14-th, the 15-th, the 16-th players. Obviously, we wanted to go even further, but unfortunately we did not manage to do it this time. We will perform better at the World Cup in Qatar in four years, but without you it will be difficult, that’s why, let’s go there everybody. All these days that we spent together, flew as one. It is difficult to single out a separate event, but the support was always felt, from the very beginning. "Thank you very much!"- Cherchesov said.

Then the turn of the team players came, who also won the hearts of fans with their sincerity and emotionality.

"We are happy that you are with us, we played with our hearts, played for you, thank you very much for your support, these guys who are behind me now, are history makers. You are the best!"- Igor Akinfeev shouted.

"First of all I want to say thank you very much for such support, these are unforgettable emotions that will remain in my heart for the rest of my life” - Alexander Golovin noted.

"Guys, thank you very much! Go ahead, Russia!" - Alan Dzagoev, who turned on the stands during matches, shouted loudly.

"The most important thing is that the country enjoyed the performance of the Russian team at the World Cup; of course, we wanted to go further, I want to thank you for such support, we love you!" - Denis Cheryshev turned to the fans.

"Thank you, Russia!" - the message in Russian from Mario Fernandez.

"Thank you all! We love you!" Roman Zobnin added.

For a bronze medalist of UEFA EURO 2008 Sergey Ignashevich and for Alexander Samedov, this World Cup was even more special, because as upon its’ termination they announced the end of their career in the team.

"Thank you very much - to each and everyone of you, we were pleased to see your reaction in Moscow and other cities of our country. We are happy to have experienced it with you. Yesterday, the guys and I had tears. But we are very happy, that the event was a success, "- Ignashevich told.

"I'm proud to be part of this team, I'm proud to have such fans. Thank you very much! "- Samedov said.

"It's an honor and pride for all of our team that we play for our country with all our heart. And we proved that Russia is a football country. Thank you!" - Artyom Dzyuba, accompanied by a deafening applause, addressed the audience.

"Thank you very much for your support. It's so nice to see so many people here, I'm happy to be a Russian. Nowhere else you can find such a soul, as our people have, thank you!" Fyodor Smolov added.

After such a warm greeting of the thousands of fans gathered in the Moscow fan zone and to the millions of those who were following the live broadcast of the event and had supported our team during the home World Cup, the Russian team unfolded the banner "PLAY FOR YOU!", well-known for the fantastic match 1 /8 finals against Spain and found its reflection on the abovementioned T-shirts. The program of the meeting, which turned out to be very sincere, was crowned with the anthem of the Russian Federation, which our team performed together with the fans.

Thank you for this unforgettable holiday, the national team of Russia! The whole country is proud of you!

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