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17:26, 28 July 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin has awarded the National team

President Vladimir Putin presented state awards and diplomas to the players and coaches of the Russian National team who participated in the home World Cup-2018.

The solemn ceremony took place in the Catherine Hall of the Kremlin on Saturday, July 28. The head coach of the Russian National team Stanislav Cherchesov became a Knight of the Order of Alexander Nevsky. The team’s goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev and a defender Sergey Ignashevich received state awards - the Order of Honor. The rest of the players and coaches were awarded with honorary certificates of the President of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation:

- I want to repeat once again that your dedication, well-coordinated game has become a long-awaited gift for millions of fans in our country. Even people that are not fond of sports and football clang to the screens. You gave all of them an opportunity to be proud of their team, of you, of their country, as well as the faith that domestic football is reviving, becoming more spectacular, strong and reputable. At the first World Cup in the history of our country, you performed brightly, confidently, showed cohesion, will and persistence. And the way you implemented the motto of the team "Playing for you" turned out to be even more important for fans than any medal result. We are counting on you very much! You said that you know how to win, and we expect it from you. Of course, you did it yourselves, now we all are waiting from you new victories, bright achievements, the same dedication on the upcoming tournaments in the future.

Stanislav Cherchesov, the head coach:

- Now I understand the expression "There are no words." I did not understand it before. I can declare with all responsibility: we did it not because of awards, but because we represent Russia. We wanted to demonstrate the dignity and honor of the country. In the moral sense we managed to do it, from a sporting point of view - there is much to grow. I would like to come back here again, but in a different role.

Igor Akinfeev, the captain:

- Thank you very much for your trust. I’m very happy to be here. I want to thank you for the facilities and the conditions that have been created. The World Cup was a great success.


Before the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation, the players also visited the Ministry of Sport, where they were awarded the titles of Honored Masters of Sport and coaches of Russia. Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Pavel Kolobkov and Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Olga Golodets presented the honorary signs to the players and coaches.

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