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16:01, 14 September 2018

Pitches transferred to heirs

Two training pitches built for the World Cup 2018 were transferred to young footballers in Anapa. One of the pitches - Pontos, was used by Denmark national team, while the second one, now owned by sports school No.7, was a reserved field. The participants in large international festival of Children Football League ‘Big Stars Shine on Little Ones’ were the first to walk on the pitches.  

Viktor Gorlov, president of Children Football League:

"You should have seen the eyes of our coaches and little boys. They have only seen pitches like those on TV before and now they can go out on a pitch and perform. We are very happy that the Heritage program has now been launched, which provides for transfer of training camp bases to the disposal of sports school. It is very important that it does not share the fate of ‘Grant Stadiums to Children’ program when pitches got owned by businessmen and little boys were given the role of spectators in the process.

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