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09:00, 11 October 2018

FUR organizes visual description for the sightless

Sightless fans will attend a match of the Russian national team. It will be in Kaliningrad at an UEFA Nations League match, where our team is going to meet the team of Sweden. The match starts at 22.45, Moscow time.

Blind fans will be accompanied to specially equipped seats of “Kaliningrad” stadium. The Russian team fans will follow the game due to visual description, which will help them to immerse into the game and enjoy it. This is the first such experience under the aegis of the Football Union of Russia.

Vasily Drozhin, a member of the main board of the All-Russian Blind Association:

-Now the society is at the outset of its understanding that sightless people also attend football matches. It is still unusual for many people, and not everybody comprehends yet why the blind come to a stadium. Not seeing the field, how they can see the players running. But with the help of visual description of everything that is happening on the field, they can feel involved in the process, feel themselves full-fledged fans, and experience the spirit of the stands and the atmosphere of the stadium. We try to promote this idea and convey it to the structures that can help to organize such events.

It is awesome that the Football Union of Russia proposed such an initiative, and now at the UEFA Nations League matches against Sweden and Turkey such an option is available for blind people, citizens of Kaliningrad and Sochi. We hope that this experience will get positive feedback and start to spread widely not only during the national team’s matches, but also at the Russian Cup and Euro Cup matches as well.

The attendance of the match by sightless fans is organized by the FUR in the frames of UEFA campaign #EqualGame. This initiative on social responsibility is a part of RESPECT movement, which popularizes inclusivity, diversity and availability in European football.

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