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22:00, 12 October 2018

The stands helped us a lot

On Friday, October 12, youth Russian team held the ninth match in the qualifying round of UEFA UERO 2019 U-21 at “Arsenal” stadium in Tula. Our team defeated Macedonia (5:1) and is continuing a struggle over the final of the continental championship. At the end of the game the coaches answered journalists’ questions.

Evgeny Bushmanov, senior coach of the youth team:

-First of all I would like to thank Tula’s fans and those who took part in the organization of this meeting. The stands were supportive throughout the whole match, which helped us a lot. We really appreciate that. It is always pleasant to play in such atmosphere; we come to Tula with great pleasure. As for the game, we held rather good match, won with a big score. From now on we will prepare for the next game, which is going to become crucial for us.

-Thank you for letting Zelimkhan Bakayev play from the very first minutes; it was a real present for Tula’s fans. After the score 4:0 the Macedonians took the lead and created two dangerous moments, one of them ended up with a goal. Are you going to analyze this fact with the team to avoid the same thing in a match against Austria?

- I already told before the match that it was important to play well in defense. We need to replay and analyze that moments; it seems that they happened due to mistakes from our side. The guys are young; we are going to work on it. As for Bakayev - we let play those players who are the best prepared. And it happened that he played in front of the native stands.

- The ball difference can be crucial when the places in the group will be distributed. Was the aim to score as much as possible set or was it necessary to save the strengths for a match against Austria?

- There were no tasks to score a lot, neither to save the strengths. The task was to play in full up to the end of the meeting.

Dobrinko Ilievski, senior coach of the Macedonian team:

-First of all I would like to congratulate the Russian team on the victory. We had expected that the game would be difficult for us, because there were a lot of strong players in your team.  We started the match with young players in the line-up on purpose, as we knew that the Russian team was made up of elder experienced footballers. During the first 15 minutes of the game we had more chances, but the first ball made its effect and the ongoing fight was already determined. I shall repeat that we have young players, whom we prepare to the next round. The majority of them, with the exception of two or three, will go on to play in our team.

- At the first 15 minutes and in two episodes of the second half, when you managed to score, your attacks were mostly done through the center. Was it a certain task? Have you found a weak point in the Russian team?

- When you face a strong rival, it won’t let you attack from the one side all the time. In the course of the game it turned out that the opponent’s team had more experienced players.

- Did you like the stadium in Tula, local fans, the atmosphere?

- Apart from the result, everything was perfect.

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