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19:45, 13 November 2018

"We are upset with a draw"

On Tuesday, November 13, Russian junior team (players born in 2000) held a start match in the frames of the 1-st qualifying round of UEFA UERO 2019 U-19. Our team tied with Latvia. Head coach of the team Andrey Gordeev shared his impressions at the end of the meeting.

-What happened at the end? Why didn’t the Russian team manage to win?

-This happens when you have a lot of scoring moments but don’t score. Big responsibility for the result influenced the ending; we missed the ball in a moment. A football’s rule worked then: “if you don’t score, they score”. We are very upset with the result, as soon as we had an advantage. We can’t be proud of this outcome.

- However, a match in a parallel group ended up in a draw too, which means still there is hope...

-Everything depends on us; the main events of the tournament are ahead. It is important to remember this feeling when you could do something but you didn’t. And never get back to that feeling.

-During the break you decided to substitute Agalarov and Zhironkin, who appeared to be the most active in the first half. Explain the decision, please.

-We have a strategy for several matches. It is very difficult to have 3 matches during 6 days, that’s why the rotation is inevitable. Moreover, Gamid had certain problems with front of a thigh, that’s why he needs a partial strain. We have decent substitutions, but I can’t say that all the players of today’s match hit the mark.

-Today our footballers almost didn’t receive warnings, for the exception of episodes at the end. Is that a result of error corrections?

-We talked about it before. The guys have an understanding and desire to reach together great results, and that’s why it is important to learn to control your emotions.


November 16. Russia - Cyprus. Paphos, “Peya Municipal” stadium, 12:00.

November 19. Montenegro - Russia. Paphos, “Paphikos” stadium, 12:00.

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