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14:59, 16 November 2018

“The guys demonstrated endurance and pulled out the victory”

On Wednesday, March 20, youth team of Russia (players born in 2002) held its first match within UEFA EURO 2019 U17 in Scotland. Our team pulled out the victory over the team of Poland with a score 3:2. Upon the end of the meeting head coach of the Russian team Dmitry Khomukha shared his impressions.

Dmitry Khomukha, head coach of the Russian youth team:

-Positive things are that the guys managed to demonstrated endurance and stamina today and pull out the victory. But of course we need to act more accurately in defense so that the opponent wouldn’t have such an amount of scoring moments. The intensity of the game from the Polish side was at rather high level and it was not that easy for our players.

- Do you think a match penalty of a Polish forward Marchvinski at the end of the first half was crucial?

-Undoubtedly. When one player in an opponent’s line-up is absent at such a hard, cloggy field, it has to move more without the ball. Eventually, it has done its part.

- What things you focused on when you talked to the team during the break?

- We drew their attention to necessity of switching the direction of attack. In such cases belayers of the rival couldn’t help their partners. We’ve got quick flank players who can play one-to-one rather well. That’s why it is important to move the ball fast, to deliver it to the flank players, which can exacerbate the situation.

-Today our team was conceding twice during the game but won. What does it prove?

-That we made a right choice. There no indifferent footballers in the team, there are guys with character. No matter how hard it was for them, they continued to believe in themselves, followed their own way and were rewarded.

- Central defender Vadim Karpov received a match penalty and will miss the next game at the tournament against Scotland. Is it a loss for our team?

-For us one missing player from the start line-up is already a problem. Now we need to make rearrangements. Now we have to rest and tomorrow will start think it over.

-Youth team of Russia faced the team of Scotland twice before at control matches. What can you tell about this team?

- The Scotland has a well-organized team. Plus, they host Elite round. And judges usually regard hosts with favor, whether we like it or not. Besides, Scottish fans will support their team. So we are going to be under pressure.

-Before the game the focus will be on recovery of our players?

-Yes. Today and tomorrow will be dedicated to recovering measures, and on March 22 we are going to hold a pre-match training. The choice of starting line-up for the game against Scotland will depend mostly on the functional condition of the players and speed of their recovery after small injuries.    

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