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13:00, 25 January 2019

“We mostly worked on tactics at the trainings”

On January 14 -22 women’s national team of Russia held a training camp in Turkish Antalya.

Head coach of the team Elena Fomina summed it up for the FUR official website.

Elena Fomina, head coach of Russian women’s national team:

-The coaching staff is generally satisfied with the results of the training camp. We’ve done everything we planned and done it well.

Bad weather conditions made their corrections: we had to cancel one of the trainings due to pouring rain. The girls got together for the first time after holidays; they are just starting preparation to a new season, that’s why we mostly worked on tactics at the trainings. The fact, that Russian U21 team was located next to us, helped us a lot. We played two matches with it and managed to see our closest reserve in action and the way it looks next to the players of the main team. Some players, such as Abdullina and Komissarova, have already performed in the national team and it was interesting to watch them now.

The next camp will start on February 25 in Spain. We are planning to hold two friendly matches within that camp.


The line-up of the Russian women's national team at the camp in Turkey:

Goalkeepers: Yulia Grychenko (Lokomotiv, Moscow), Natalya Stanovova, Tatyana Shcherbak (both - Kubanochka, Krasnodar).

Defenders: Anna Belomyttseva, Elvira Ziyastinova, Anna Kozhnikova, Alina Myagkova (all - Lokomotiv, Moscow), Irina Podshibyakina (Zvezda-2005, Perm), Olga Chernova (CSKA Moscow).

Midfielders: Alena Andreeva, Marina Kiskonen (both - Chertanovo, Moscow), Nadezhda Koltakova (Ryazan-VDV, Ryazan), Ekaterina Pantyukhina (Zvezda-2005, Perm), Natalya Perepechina (Kubanochka, Krasnodar), Anastasia Podedeva, Nadezhda Smirnova, Margarita Chernomyrdin (all - CSKA Moscow), Marina Fedorova (not in a club), Lina Yakupova (Lokomotiv, Moscow).

Forwards: Nasiba Gasanova, Elena Shesterneva (both - Kubanochka, Krasnodar), Nelli Korovkina (Lokomotiv, Moscow), Sofia Shishkina (Zvezda-2005, Perm).

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