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00:18, 20 March 2019

"UEFA Committee managed to fulfill its tasks"

On Tuesday, March 19, a meeting of UEFA futsal and beach-soccer Committee, headed by Chief Executive/ General Secretary Aleksandr Alaev, took place in Switzerland.

A list of vital issues, referring to futsal and beach soccer, was on the agenda.

“Today at the Committee’s meeting we summed up the work done, as a certain period has finished. It is already possible to admit that reforms, conducted in European futsal lately, turned out to be successful. Women’s futsal Euro was held under auspice of UEFA for the first time, moreover, both management and quality of football at the tournament in Portugal were at the highest level. Youth Euro U19 is waiting for us in September, and in a month already we will have UEFA Champions League. Besides, qualifying system of European Championship will be changed. Now teams will hold competitions in their groups in accordance with “home and away matches” system, which, unconditionally, is more objective and fair from a sportive point of view. All this allows European futsal to grow seriously” - Aleksandr Alaev stressed.

Besides, beach soccer issues were also included in the Committee’s agenda for the first time.

“UEFA made a research on current state of beach soccer in European national associations. Certain arguments, numbers were submitted and now we have an understanding that integration of UEFA and beach soccer is needed. We agreed that UEFA will patronize the qualifying tournament of UEFA EURO 2019, which will be held in Moscow this summer and also promote and support it” - Alaev noted.

“As far as now all UEFA Committees will be renovated, I can say that for me two years of work in UEFA futsal and beach soccer Committee were very interesting and I received good experience here. I’m glad that we managed to realize almost all the tasks, which were set by UEFA manager Aleksandr Cheferin” - Aleksandr Alaev concluded.

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