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20:04, 20 March 2019

“We have to remedy the situation”

On Wednesday, March 20, youth team of Russia (players born in 2000) held its first match within Elite round of UEFA EURO 2019 U19 in Krasnodar. Russian team tied with the team of Azerbaijan - 0:0. The teams’ coaches Andrey Gordeyev and Vugar Mamed answered the questions of journalist after the game.

Andrey Gordeev, head coach of the Russian youth team (players born in 2000):

-We are a little bit upset with the result. As Cesar used to say, now we have either win or die, there is no other way. Perhaps, this is not the worst situation. Now we definitely have to win in other games. I think today we played good enough to score, but it happens in football, when balls don’t get into the gates. It is good that we managed to play safely in defense, except for the last several minutes. We had a great desire and emotions to score and win, that’s the reason why we missed an unpleasant counterattack. We had a territorial advantage over the difficult opponent. We created rather good moments, moves. Agalarov at the end had a 100% chance. But it happens; we are moving forward, we have to win.

-What were your first words to the guys at the locker room?

-The guys were irritated and disappointed. I tried to calm them down and told that everything was ahead. We continue to struggle; it won’t be easy. We discussed it before. The players wanted to show themselves at home, in front of their fans, but we have to control our emotions. We couldn’t score today but we have to work and move forward. We understand where to go and we need to remedy the situation.

-Have you seen a parallel match between Ireland and Romania?

-We’ve seen the past games of the Irish team and know that it is a strong rival. They beat a top team - the Netherlands. We didn’t see the today’s game, didn’t want to distract and were preparing to the upcoming match. But, of course, we know the result.

-Did you like the atmosphere at today’s match?

-I would like to thank the administration team, FC Krasnodar for the conditions created for us. Special thanks to our fans that supported us.  Not so often we play with such hot support.

Vugar Mamed, head coach of the youth team of Azerbaijan:

-Today we played against a very tough team. Taking into consideration our injured players, it was hard for us. Russia is one of the strongest teams in our group; we will prepare for next matches.

-Are you satisfied with the outcome?

-Considering the level of the opponent and the fact that it was an away match for us, today’s match is equal to victory.

-Is Russia a favorite in the group 1?

-All teams have chances to exit to the next stage, but I think Russia and Ireland are favorites.  

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