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22:25, 26 April 2019

A meeting with RPL clubs’ heads

On Friday, April 26, a meeting chaired by FUR President Aleksandr Dyukov with participation of heads of Russian Premier League clubs took place in the House of Football, where tendencies of modern football were discussed.

“The main aim of our meeting today is creating of tight interaction with RPL clubs. It is important to exchange information and opinions on very different questions - development of youth football, peculiarities of children regional centers’ work, refereeing etc. We discussed the main tendencies of modern football, like increasing of intensity, speedy work quality growth. Players, who have advantages in this area, as a rule, assure positive results for their teams. We hope that clubs will analyze this information so that players could progress from the point of view of intensity. A habit to loads and such football style will allow increasing spectacularity of our championship, improve results of our team” - Aleksandr Dyukov noted.

“For 2,5 years of work in national team we’ve got plenty of information and numbers on physical shape of players. Today we would like to present them in informational message format, making accent on such notion as “intensity of game”. Football is not only athletics, but also tactics, technique, individual qualities of each player and many others. It’s not possible to measure everything with numbers, but we can’t ignore them. I hope that this meeting will help us to improve interaction between the national team and clubs to promote Russian football together” - head coach of the Russian national football team Stanislav Cherchesov stressed.

The national team’s scientific and methodological support specialist, senior researcher Yevgeny Kalinin reported on actual tendencies of modern football. He noted that the requirements to sprint opportunities (intensity) in the Russian team and international tournaments are higher than those in RFPL, and confirmed it visually by numbers and statistical data. The ability to demonstrate high intensity, in its turn, directly depends on a number of training days and focus of training loads before the game.

After that FUR Technical Director Andrey Leksakov told about tendencies of development of young footballers: increasing of training time, intensification of training exercises, increasing of educational level among players and coaches, as well as full control of each player starting from a professional stage of preparation.

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