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13:08, 06 May 2019

Football veterans honored memory of the fallen

On Monday, May 6, on the eve the Victory Day veterans of domestic football laid a wreath and flowers to Unknown Soldiers grave.

Legendary Russian footballers, widows of honored players of the past and FUR First Vice-President Nikita Simonyan took part in the traditional event, organized by the FUR.

Aleksandr Zorkov, Aleksandr Mirzoyan, Vladimir Pil’guy, Sergey Ol’shansky, Valentin Afonin, Nikolay Kiselyov, Victor Papayev, Sergey Rozhkov, Boris Kopeikin, Aleksandr Averyanov, Oleg Sokolov, Mikhail Skokov and many other honored veterans, as well as Valentina Yashina, Galina Sevidova, Olga Ivakina, Lyubov Khusainova, Elena Bobrova, Olga Maslachenko and the daughter of Nikolay Starostin Elena honored memory of the fallen.

“This victory was reached at the highest cost and this holiday is extremely important for Russian people. Let shut up all those, who try down-grading the importance of this victory, gained by our country in this terrible war. If not for us, Europe would be conquered. We all are obliged to honor the memory of those, who gave their lives for our freedom” - Simonyan said.

Veterans of football, in their turn, in friendly atmosphere remembered the time, when they had chance to come out to a football field on their own, and also discussed problems of modern football.