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16:00, 14 May 2019

Show at the final of the Russian Cup

The Football Union of Russia with the support of the Government of Samara region will hold a show on the eve of the final match of OLYMP Russian Cup season 2018/2019 (May 22, Samara Arena, 19:30). 

A list of entertaining events will be organized for Samara citizens and fan guests. Thus a repeated holder of Golden Gramophone (Zolotoi Gramophone) award - music band Gradusy will become the headliner of the concert program, and fans will be able to match their strength against Andrey Tikhonov, Alexey Smertin, Andrey Karyakin and other football stars on a football site in front of the stadium. Samara’s astronaut Oleg Kononenko will proclaim the start of the match from International space station. 

Besides, two hours before the match thematic fan-zones of the finalists-clubs will be held: a flash mob in cooking of 4 meters football pizza, cyber-zone, children’s zone, history of USSR and Russian Cup expositions, barbershop, bookmaker school with a popular football commentator Georgiy Cherdantsev and so on. 

Festive activities won’t limit only with the stadium. On Sunday, May 19, the main trophy of the competitions, the Russian Cup, will displayed at the city’s quay, where the sports fest will take place. Within this fest amateur teams will be able to fight for the right to become guests of the Russian Cup final, visit lockers of the teams, come out to the field and meet the match participants. In children’s competitions an opportunity to lead the players into the field at the final of the tournament will be played.

For the full list of the events please click here.

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