Football Union of Russia

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14:00, 26 May 2019

Grassroots football Day in Russia

On Saturday, May 25, an annual All-Russian festival "Grassroots football Day" was held. It was organized by the Football Union of Russia and Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation. 

The festival focused on popularization of football and promotion of healthy way of life, and also is called to draw all those who are not in the game yet but want to become a part of a big football family. These are preschoolers for whom a "football carrousel" with simple exercises with a ball was created; and guys, who already go in for the sport but seldom meet their icons at craftsman lesson and master-classes and people with health limitations, participating in the fest within "Football for everyone" program. 

In the whole 102 providers from 39 subjects took part in the official program of the festival. The event touched Moscow and Moscow region as well. 

Aleksandr Alaev, FUR General Manager:

-An annual festival "Grassroots football Day" took place in the country on Saturday. Huge number of our citizens came out to numerous sites to play football and spend time with their friends. This holiday has become traditional for the FUR and Ministry of Sport; this project has received support from FIFA and UEFA and we will definitely continue to implement it within our possibilities. 

"Grassroots football Day” has no limits: families, school children, students, veterans, people of any professions and categories can take part in it. They do it with great pleasure and desire. My congratulations to all sport and football amateurs on this event!