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20:00, 04 June 2019

Start with the win over India

On Tuesday, June 4, the youth team of Russia U18 (players born in 2001) played their first match at the international tournament to commemorate outstanding Soviet player and coach, Olympic and European champion Valentin Ivanov started taking place in Saint-Petersburg. Russia played against India at the Petrovsky stadium and claimed 3:0 win.

Russia - India 3:0 (0:0)

Goals: Kosarev, 50 (1:0). Kosarev, 74 (2:0). Kosarev, 82 (3:0).

Russia: Budachev, Vladimirov, Prokhin (Mikushin, 75), Agapov (Nikitenkov, 42), Vakhaniya, Litvinov (Markitesov, 62), Oganesyan (Mazurin, 46), Petrov (Suleymanov, 75), M.A. Danilin (Gerchikov, 62), Fayzullin (Kravtsov, 62), M.N. Danilin (Kosarev, 46).

India: Gill, Jitendra Singh, Mishra, Rafi (Rathi, 88), Ahammad (Yadav, 53), Jeakson Singh (Sailo, 88), Meetei, Givson Singh, Stalin (V. Singh, 61), Shabong, Danu (H. Singh, 60).

Cautions: Jeakson Singh, 64. Mazurin, 69.

Referees: D. Streltsov, A. Kuzhelev, A. Manin (all - Russia).

"Petrovsky" Stadium, St. Petersburg. 22 degrees.

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