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18:00, 03 July 2019

Results of the FUR Supervisory Board meeting

On Wednesday, July 3, the first meeting of the FUR Supervisory Board under chairmanship of Leonid Mikhelson was held in Moscow. The line-up of the Board was approved by the FUR Executive Committee last week.

The agenda of the meeting included several issues:

-aims and tasks of the FUR Supervisory Board work;

-approval of Regulations on the FUR Supervisory Board;

-FUR Supervisory Board work plan for 2019-2020.

FUR President Aleksandr Dyukov and Chairman of the FUR Supervisory Board Leonid Mikhelson addressed with opening speech and spoke on the first issue. They told in details about aims and tasks of the Body, the main of which are: assistance in effective organization of the FUR cooperation on implementation of its statutory activity with business-community of Russia and foreign countries, government bodies and local authorities; assistance to the FUR governing boards in searching of additional sources of financing of the Union’s activities; participation in elaboration and implementation of measures, directed on popularization and promotion of football in the country.

Regulations of the FUR Supervisory Board as well as a work plan of the body were approved at the meeting. According to the Regulations organising, consultive, approving and control functions will be laid on the Supervisory Board.

Meetings of the Supervisory Board are planned to be held not less than once in three months.
Signing of the partnership agreements between the FUR and OAO RZHD and Gazprombank LLC was announced right after the meeting.

Aleksandr Dyukov, FUR President:

-Businessmen and heads of big companies, who love football, entered the Supervisory Board. All of them are capable to do a lot for the sport number one in our country. We are ready to widen the line-up of the board in future.
I’m sure that the work of the board will be very useful for the development of Russian football; it will become a good site for a dialog among others with authorities, which will allow to increase effectiveness and transparence of the FUR activity".

Leonid Mikhelson, representative of the FUR Supervisory Board:

-NOVATEK is already a partner of the FUR and Russian football teams. The main task of the FUR Supervisory Board is creation of conditions for a dialog with federal and regional authorities, aimed at support of children’s, youth and grassroots football and for investments in Russian football. We think it is very important to develop grassroots and especially children’s football in regions.

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