Football Union of Russia

Russian public organization

Football Union of Russia

FUR main objectives are:

1) developing and popularizing (promoting) football in the Russian Federation (including professional, grassroots, women’s, mini-football (futsal), beachsoccer, veterans’, youth football and all other forms of football);

2) organising and staging sportive football events;

3) selecting and training national football teams of the Russian Federation;

4) increasing the role of football in comprehensive and harmonized development of an individual, national health enhancing, encouraging a healthy way of life.

FUR main tasks are:

1) strategic and current governance of football (in all its forms) in the Russian Federation;

2) constant improvement of the football game, its regulation and control over it throughout the whole territory of the Russian Federation in the light of fair play and football educational, cultural and humanitarian values; control over football subjects recognizing FUR requirements;

3) organisation of football (in all its forms) competitions at a national level;

4) developping and approving sports regulations, provisions and other norms of the activity of Subjects of football, its implementing and ensuring compliance with them;

5) protecting legal interests of FUR Members and other Subjects of football including in relations with international organisations;

6) observing FIFA, UEFA and FUR Statutes, regulations, directives and decisions, as well as the Laws of the Game, and avoiding their infringements; ensuring that they are likewise respected by FUR members and other Subjects of football;

7) preventing the employment of actions and methods that might jeopardise the integrity of matches or competitions or can be the reason for the diminution of the football prestige in the Russian Federation;

8) controlling and supervising football matches of all kinds including friendly matches that are held under the FUR auspices in the territory of the Russian Federation;

9) strengthening positions of the Russian football and increasing its authority at international level, keeping international sporting relations in the sphere of football, including those with FIFA , UEFA and other international football organisations;

10) holding international competitions in accordance with FIFA and UEFA regulations;

11) improving the system of developing top football players and ensuring successful performance of national and club teams of the Russian Federation in international competitions;

12) providing social protection of rights and interests of athletes, coaches and other specialists in football as well as social care about football veterans in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

13) developing football infrastructure and logistics;

14)  creating and developing sportive development centres, educational centres and scientific organisations in the football sphere;

15) assisting authorised state and local governmental bodies and public organisations in improving the legislation of the Russian Federation and other normative and legal acts concerning football;

16)  representing interests of the Russian football in international sports and Olympic movement, including at all events staged by FIFA and UEFA or under their auspices;

17)  ensuring fair play and medical clearance of football including strict observance and fulfillment of anti-doping requirements;

18) improving a safety and security level of sportive events in the sphere of football;

19) fighting any forms of discrimination and violence in football;

20) forming an effective system of informational maintenance in the sphere of football.

For reaching the statutory objectives and fulfilling its tasks FUR performs the following activity in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation:

1) Working out and implementing programs of football (in all its forms) development nationwide and football development programs in certain territories;

2) Taking part in the development and implementation of state, regional and municipal sports development programs including programs of football development;

3) Developing and approving the structure, regulations and match calendars of Russian football competitions and control over their implementing;

4) Ensuring the relevant maintenance of preparation, including logistic and methodological, and participation of national teams and clubs of the Russian Federation in official international competitions;

5) Organising and staging national and international football competitions among national teams and among clubs in the territory of the Russian Federation;

6) Rendering active and comprehensive assistance to FUR regional (local) divisions and regional and interregional football federations, other organisations in the football sphere and football clubs including the assistance in competitions organisation, training and retraining of the staff and scientific-methodological maintenance;

7) Coordinating the activity of FUR structural subdivisions;

8) Setting obligatory requirements for regional and interregional football federations, leagues, clubs, other Subjects of football recognizing these norms in accordance with the legislation on physical culture and sports as well as monitoring their compliance with the requirements;

9) Organising activities on developing, retraining, upgrading a qualification, certifying and sports licensing of coaches, referees and other specialists in the football sphere; carrying out control over their activity;

10)  Casting and appointing coaches and other specialists for working in national football teams;

11) Studying and summarizing national and foreign experience of football development, participating in scientific studies dealing with football, innovation activity in the football sphere;

12) Financial and informational support of athletes, coaches, referees and other specialists as well as Clubs and others if it contributes to football development especially to the development of youth football;

13) Financial support of football veterans;

14) Charity activities in the football sphere;

15) Working out and presenting in authorised state and local governmental bodies drafts of normative-legal acts including those that deal with physical culture and sports, taxation of physical culture and sports organisations, social protection of football veterans and other acts, as well as developing standards and requirements of the Unified all-Russia sports football classification and other normative-legal acts;

16) Participating in a decision making process of state and local governmental bodies in the form and in the amount set forth by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

17) Providing referees and referee observers as well as organizing the activity of match commissioners for football competitions;

18) Sports licensing of football clubs and certifying sports objects including sports facilities;

19) Bringing to liability for infringements in the football sphere in certain cases and in the order determined by FIFA, UEFA and FUR regulations;

20) Preventing disputes, conflicts and disaccords in football among its Subjects, football disputes resolution, assistance to FIFA and UEFA in ensuring peaceful, safe and conflict free football world-wide;

21) Carrying out control over Players’ agents and match agents’ activity;

22) Carrying out an activity in connection with national Players’ transfers;

23) Carrying out a procedure of doping-control during football competitions and out of them in cooperation with authorised bodies and Officials;

24) Carrying out a control over proper use of sports objects including sports facilities in cooperation with authorised bodies;

25) If necessary, delegating its right, in the order set by these Statutes, to stage Russian football competitions among Clubs throughout the territory of the Russian Federation to football Leagues and other non-commercial organisations recognizing requirements of the FIFA, UEFA, FUR Statutes, regulations, directives and decisions;

26) Registration of football Players (issuing sports passports), registration of non-amateur (professional) football players’ contracts, contracts of coaches and other officials, transfer contracts and other agreements in accordance with FUR, FIFA and UEFA regulations;

27) Performing activities within the framework of the work with football clubs supporters and their associations;

28) Developing and implementing educational and training programs in the football sphere;

29) Ensuring free access to the information dealing with FUR objectives and activity;

30) In accordance with these Statutes exercising and protecting rights on broadcasting football competitions and other sports events by means of digital mass media, on filming and taking pictures of sports competitions and other sports events, producing their image or sound record, using and protecting other commercial rights arising from the Russian Federation legislation and other norms of the football sphere;

31) Producing and using merchandising , official, awarding or other kinds of items with FUR symbols, football souvenirs, publishing products and items necessary for staging football competitions;

32) Publishing and polygraphic activity, copying recorded information carriers, creating and publishing methodological, sports and informational and other print materials dealing with football, publications in the Internet, creating mass media means and cooperation with Russian and foreign mass media;

33) Staging exhibitions, lectures, workshops, conferences, meetings, round table discussions, symposiums and other similar events;

34) Carrying out advertising activity including advertising and sponsor activity;

35) Producing films, TV programs and other audio and visual material as well as other activities in a TV- and radio- broadcasting domain;

36) Establishing and awarding titles (rewards) for special merits in football development and for special achievements in football, petitioning to authorised state bodies about awarding Subjects of football by state rewards;

37) Establishing FUR organisational divisions including branches and representative offices in the territory of the Russian Federation in order set forth by the legislation of the Russian Federation; and participating in the establishment of other organisations for reaching its Statutes objectives;

38) Presenting and protecting its rights and legal interests as well as the rights and legal interests of its Members in state and local governmental bodies as well as in judicial and other bodies, assisting protection of rights and legal interests of other Subjects of football;

39) In the form set forth by the legislation joining international public (non-governmental) associations, establishing and maintaining direct international contacts and relations, concluding relevant agreements for these purposes;

40) Carrying out commercial activity for reaching statutory objectives in the form set forth by the legislation;

41) Establishing business partnerships, societies and other organisations including non-commercial as well as acquiring property meant for carrying out commercial activity;

42) Selecting and nominating athletes, coaches and referees in the football sphere for awarding titles and qualifications by international sports organisations;

43) Setting regulations defining rights and obligations including sports sanctions for the subjects of physical culture and sports recognizing these regulations;

44) Carrying out selection and preparation of national football teams of the Russian Federation for their participation in international sports competitions and sending them for the participation in these competitions;

45) Setting restrictions on the participation in all-Russian official football competitions of athletes not eligible to perform for national sports teams of the Russian Federation in accordance with the regulations of international sports organisations staging relevant international competitions;

46) Participating in compiling the Uniform calendar planning of interregional, all-Russian and international physical culture events and sports events;

47) Organising and staging interregional, all-Russian and international official football events in compliance with the requirements of FIFA, UEFA and the Russian legislation;

48) Submitting proposals on inclusion of sports disciplines into all-Russian register of sports disciplines;

49) Gaining financial and other support provided for football development by various resources not prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation;

50) Carrying out other kinds of activity not forbidden by the current legislation of the Russian Federation for reaching its statutory objectives.